From the basics of Bitcoin mining made clear and simple, to its ‘secret’ dynamics which even some experts are not aware of: How miners really interact with Bitcoin’s price floor, miners’ seasonal migration and ‘bullish’ miners’ natural selection

How to measure a market makers‘ performance and what to expect when it comes to spreads, uptime and reporting. Part 2 in our blog series sharing the emerging standards for cryptocurrency market making

1) Spreads

What are the best practices for incentivizing liquidity providers to allocate recourse to a cryptocurrency exchange? Efficient Frontier shares insights from trading algorithmically 24/7/365 in over 40 cryptocurrency exchanges

Why MMT experts think Bitcoin is not a bubble, Bitcoin’s latest crash summary and the most important headlines from the last two weeks in the cryptocurrency universe

Bitcoin is not a bubble

Efficient Frontier is glad to announce the firm has joined the DeFi Alliance, founded last year by trading firms Jump Capital, CMT Digital, Volt Capital and Cumberland

DeFi Alliance accelerator alumni

As we start the year of the Ox, the story of most important trends and light speed changes the crypto derivatives industry went through during this lunar year. From Tether gaining dominance and the emergence of options markets to the fall of BitMEX and the rise of FTX and DeFi derivatives & everything else making today’s cryptocurrency markets what they are, before they transform again

Bitcoin miners will produce 324,000 Bitcoins (currently worth $3.2 billion) this year but are just starting to use financial tools which will fundamentally change the mining landscape. This week we go down the rabbit hole of the new mining financialization industry, and the tools coming to life to make Bitcoin a professional commodity.

Peeking in the Bitcoin time machine and deciding the halving is a pre-game for the next massive bull run

Sarah Wiesner

@efrontier_io, @bitcoinembassy

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